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13 S. New St.   ǀ   Staunton   ǀ   Virginia   ǀ   24401   ǀ    (540) 885-1368   ǀ  info@HarmonyMoonGifts.com
Sunday, February 23,  4:00 - 6:00pm

Satsang is a sacred meeting that supports a
dramatic shift from the suffering nature of your
mind to the indescribable happiness of your
heart. It is an open, honest, and very intimate
inquiry that reveals the sublime happiness alive
in the core of your being.

Satsang with Kosi is a refreshingly authentic
conversation. It is an honest, open, fresh look
at what it takes to be happy as you navigate the
ever-changing landscape of your life. It is a
potent transmission meant for anyone with the
maturity and sincere desire to discover what is
already at peace and always happy within you.

Kosi, founder of Wisdom Rock Foundation, a
501c3 non-profit organization, is an
internationally-recognized satsang teacher and
author.  She has over twenty years experience
steeped in the teaching of Sri Bhagavan
Ramana Maharshi.

Please join us for this life-changing discovery.

Requested Donation $20

For more information, see  WisdomRock.org
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